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Co-educational independent day preparatory school for children aged 3-16 years


Admissions Process

We are delighted that you are considering Crosfields for your child and we would welcome the opportunity to meet you. Despite current Covid times we are still able to welcome families to the school, to enjoy a private tour.  Should you feel more comfortable with a virtual meeting, we can arrange this too.  To discuss your child's admissions, please do get in touch by contacting our Registrar, Mrs Stelfox, by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone (0118) 987 9902.

An individual tour is an excellent way for parents to get to know Crosfields better and provides an opportunity for parents to ask specific questions about their children and about life at Crosfields.  We hope to hold Open events each term.  Please Pre-Register for our next event by clicking here. 


If you would like to receive our prospectus in the post, then please contact our Registrar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




In order for a child to be considered for a place at the school, parents must first register their child. All registered pupils will be invited to an assessment prior to entry.  This short process is designed to be informal and friendly, allowing children to feel comfortable and free to do their best.  We want to ensure that their needs can be met and that they will thrive at Crosfields.  The main points of entry are Nursery (40 children) and Reception (20 children), as well as Year 5 (where an extra class is opened) and Year 7, which attracts a strong number of new pupils for our Senior School. Those entering Year 7 in September 2020 will be expected to continue through the school to GCSE.  Admission at other points in the school is possible where places are available. The school aims for a maximum class size of 20, although we reserve the right to exceed this number in exceptional circumstances.

The Senior School (Year 7 entry / 11+) registration form, can be downloaded here.

The Prep School (Nursery to Year 6) registration form, can be downloaded here.

Completed forms should be sent to our Registrar, Paula Stelfox, together with the non-refundable registration fee of £100 per registration.


Admissions Criteria

The criteria for admission are:

  • satisfactory outcomes of the required assessments or interviews, as applicable;
  • commitment to the School's ethos as described in the School's aims;
  • a positive confidential reference from the applicant's present school (if applicable).
  • a valid visa to study in the UK (if applicable)

We reserve the right to restrict the offer of places to children whom we feel cannot benefit from the broad and varied curriculum and make a positive contribution to the life of the School.



At Crosfields, we believe in developing the ‘whole’ child and therefore our assessment for entry will look beyond just the academic ability of children.  As well the academic assessment, we will assess how your child may contribute to school life and their ability to engage with peers and staff. The three stages of assessment (Year 3 to Year 7) are:

  • Academic Assessment
  • Engagement (For example, your child will be asked questions about their interests and aspirations)
  • School Reference – Subject to your consent, we will contact your child’s current school for a reference.

All children, in all year groups, meeting the assessment criteria will be invited to attend a day (morning only for the younger years) at Crosfields.


Entry at 3+ (Nursery)

You and your child will be invited to visit us in the Nursery. The children will take part in play-based activities and parents are invited to have refreshments in the adjoining room.


Entry at 4+ (Reception)

Assessments take place early in the Spring Term of each year. The children are invited to visit in groups of up to 10 for a session that lasts about an hour. Your child will have the chance to play with their peers and are also asked to complete some focused activities with a teacher.


Entry to Year 1 and 2 

Children will be invited to spend half a day in an appropriate class and to meet with the Head of Pre-Prep. For entry into Year 1, staff will assess the child’s level of knowledge in Literacy and Numeracy. In Year 2, pupils will sit assessments in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning. Staff will observe the child’s social interaction and attitude to work.


Entry to Year 3 and 4

In these year groups, demand can be very high. Assessment for entry in to these year groups is subject to a place becoming available and may take place at any point during the year.  For each available place, a small group of children, who have previously registered for entry, will be invited to an assessment. The child meeting the criteria to the highest level will be awarded the available place. Those meeting the assessment criteria, but not successful in gaining a place at this time will be retained on our entry list and will be contacted should a place become available in current or future year groups.   It may be that the earliest availability we have is in Year 5, where we open an extra class.  Children not meeting the assessment criteria will be removed from the entry list.


Entry to Year 5 and 6

Children registered for entry in to Year 5 and Year 6 before 1st November, the year prior to entry, will be invited for a Taster Day. This will take place in the second half of the autumn term and, as well as being lots of fun, it will include formal testing in Maths and English. Informal observations will take place throughout the day. On confirming attendance at the Taster Day, parents will be asked to provide a copy of the child’s latest School Report.  There may be occasions where the number of registered children, meeting successfully the assessment criteria, exceed the number of places available. Children will be awarded a place at Crosfields in accordance with how they performed at assessment. Children not successful on gaining a place at the time will be retained on our entry list and will be contacted should a place become available for current or future year groups.   If the number of children meeting successfully the assessment criteria falls short of the places available, a further round of assessments will take place in the spring and/or summer terms. Should a child have not met the criteria in a previous assessment, we are unable to re-assess the child again for the same place. 


Year 7 Entry

Children registered for entry to our Senior School before 31st December, the year prior to entry, will be invited for assessment in the Spring Term and the first allocation of places will be awarded, based on meeting successfully our assessment criteria.

We hold regular Taster Days so that children can get a feel for life at Crosfields. 


The three stages of assessment are:

  1. Entrance Tests – Your child will be asked to complete an online assessment. The assessment is not about knowledge recall and therefore no preparation for the test is required. It gives all pupils the opportunity to show their underlying ability.
  2. Engagement –  Within a small group, of staff and other children, your child will be asked questions about their interests and aspirations as well as current affairs. They will be asked to bring something they are proud of, they should be prepared to answer questions on their subject/item.
  3. School Reference – Subject to your consent, we will contact your child’s current school for a reference.



To secure a place offered, all entry paperwork and a deposit (£500 Nursery to Year 6, £1,000 Year 7 +, and for entry requiring Tier 4 Sponsorship, deposit is one term’s fees for term of entry) must be returned by the deadline.  We are unable to guarantee the place should the deadline not be met.

Deposits will be returned once your child finishes their education with us.

Read our full terms and conditions:

Preparatory School (Nursery to Year 6) Terms and Conditions

Senior School (Year 7 to 11) Terms and Conditions



Children registered for entry, who will have a sibling at the school when they join (subject to offer of a place), will be given a priority assessment. Admission for siblings is not automatic and the applicant must meet the admissions criteria. There may be occasions where the school judges that a sibling is likely to thrive better in a different academic environment.

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