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Co-educational independent day preparatory school for children aged 3-16 years

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Within Geography classes at Crosfields we aim to:

  • Stimulate the pupil’s interest in their surroundings
  • Develop an informed concern for the environment
  • Ensure that pupils have conducted fieldwork,
  • Expect that every pupil is capable of coming to informed decisions about the challenges that we face in the twenty first century.

Geography provides an understanding the world about us by explaining the physical features of the landscape and the way that humans have utilised them for their own advantage. We use a variety of methods in the study of the subject, using traditional resources such as text, references books and magazines through to modern IT methods, high tech weather stations, as well as off site visits. Pupils are encouraged to use their own initiative to express ideas, both in class and in their work, and bring to the lessons their own experiences of the areas that they have visited. Respect and consideration of other people's opinions and the way of life, which may be very different from our own, are key values which we hope to instil in all our students so they may become better global citizens.

In Pre-Prep and the Junior School Geography is taught by the class teacher. As well as learning through classroom resources, children have many opportunities to investigate and explore the extensive school grounds to learn about their environment. 

In years 5 to 8 pupils benefit from specialist teaching and are able to develop their geographical skills in preparation for Common Entrance and Scholarship exams. Topics taught include Plate Tectonics, Global Location, Weather and Climate. This includes a trip to Lulworth Cove in year 8 that is part of the data collection for the Common Entrance Coursework element.

These topics are investigated in depth, alongside other topics such as, population and settlement, transport and industry, rivers and coasts and map skills. Particular emphasis is placed on making links between different geographical topics through independent research and analysis, collaborative projects and presentations. All of which are designed to encouraged each student to develop an enquiring and open-minded approach to the learning process.

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