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Co-educational independent day preparatory school for children aged 3-16 years

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Our children are growing up in the most rapidly changing period in our history. This creates complex challenges and new opportunities.   

PSHE education deals with the real life issues affecting our children, families and communities. It is concerned with the social, health and economic realities of their lives, experiences and attitudes.  PSHE is enjoyed by the pupils because it deals with real life scenarios, but always in an age and stage appropriate manner.

Resources used in PSHE can range from published schemes of work, to the news headlines. It is as real and ongoing as is daily life!  Children work as groups or individually and record much of their thoughts and ideas in a PSHE journal.
Teaching methods vary and can include open discussions, internet research, interviews and multi-media news clips, from the BBC for example.  Children can use mind maps either on their own or in groups to come up with ideas to study and to discuss further.

At Crosfields the PSHE and Citizenship syllabus aims to help pupils respect themselves, other people and property, including when using social media, by thinking about their place in society. They explore issues related to living in a democratic society and think about their roles and responsibilities as citizens.  Children are encouraged to think critically and express their opinions.

We help them to cope confidently with change and to actively seek involvement in the change process.  We believe it is important for pupils to acquire an appreciation of and respect for both their own culture and other’s cultures in a way that respects the attitudes and beliefs of all in a multi-cultural, multi-faith society.  Our PSHE curriculum promotes a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and gives children the knowledge and confidence to make and sustain good relationships, become healthy and fulfilled individuals, develop self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

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