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Religious Studies

At Crosfields, we believe that the study of religion forms a vital part of the full development of the individual child. This is even more acute in the modern world in which 90% of the world’s population claims to follow a religion. It therefore follows that whatever religious beliefs one may hold, it is necessary to understand the history, beliefs, culture and traditions associated with the major world religions.

Due to the Christian heritage of Great Britain and also the Quaker tradition of Crosfields School, the main emphasis of study is that of Christianity.

Whilst the main emphasis of study is that of Christianity, we also devote time to the study of the other major world faiths. We believe this to be important in the multi faith country in which we now live.

In the Junior School, the children study both Bible stories and also various topics associated with the major world religions.

In the Middle School, study is focused mainly but not exclusively on Old and New Testament stories. The children read these stories then begin to learn the techniques of discussion, evaluation, interpretation and summary of these stories.

In Year 7 and 8 the children undertake more detailed studies in preparation for the Common Entrance examination at the end of Year 8. Throughout the school, the children enjoy the study of RS not least because they are encouraged to put forward their own views whilst at the same time learning valuable discussion skills.

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