Junior School

Early Years (Nursery and Reception)

Our vibrant Early Years is full of enthusiastic and happy children. 

Learning and Growing

We focus our efforts on supporting the children to learn and grow in a fun, stimulating and nurturing environment in which each child is treated as an individual and encouraged to develop confidence, independence and a sustained enjoyment of discovery.

We know that starting school is an exciting, but sometimes daunting prospect, and our dedicated and compassionate staff know exactly what it takes to make these early years an enjoyable and positive experience. We recognise that the first years of a child’s education are vital for their development in terms of their physical and emotional health and well-being, behaviour and attitude to learning.

Developing Skills

Alongside the teaching of core subjects, we foster creativity and curiosity, and encourage children to develop a wide range of skills rather than focussing on a narrow band of knowledge. Emotional intelligence is nurtured alongside learning, equipping the children to deal with the ever-changing world in which they will grow up and work.

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More about our Early Years 

  1. Small class sizes enable children to thrive with the attention and support they receive
  2. A vast range of learning opportunities
  3. Access to outstanding facilities
  4. Excellent staff to pupil ratios, offering strong pastoral care
  5. Positive relationships with parents ensure that all children flourish
  6. We encourage good manners, respect for others and moral values