Senior School

Academic Excellence

All students will be stretched and supported academically. They will be given opportunity to excel, whatever their ability.

Students are taught imaginatively, thoroughly and broadly

Every school will offer one form of qualification or another. What sets Crosfields apart is what we offer alongside our formal qualifications. Our pupils will benefit from Curriculum Extension opportunities that will ensure they are best placed to develop broader skills such as independence, problem solving, decision making, public speaking and many more. There will be a careers pathway which will help to guide pupils in exploring the opportunities available to them and assist them in making decision such as GCSE choices and Post-16 options.


Academic Success Driven by Specialist Staff

In recent years we have been incredibly successful, and have a strong track record, in preparing pupils for a range of schools including the most academically demanding. As we move forward to educating children to 16, we will build upon this strength and look to our team of specialist teachers, who have taught to GCSE and beyond, to challenge and inspire the students.

Pupils will also be explicitly taught about metacognition (defined as ‘thinking about thinking’) which will assist them in understanding how the learning process works and therefore how to make the most of their memory systems.

Opportunities to Learn Outside the Curriculum 

  1. Higher Project Qualification (HPQ)
  2. Model United Nations (MUN)
  3. Arkwright Scholarship
  4. Careers Advice
  5. Metacognition: Learning to learn (VESPA)
  6. Co-Curricular Sessions 

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