Our School

Inspection Report

Our latest inspection was carried out in September 2019

This was a Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection and the full report can be viewed and downloaded here. During their visit, the Inspectors observed lessons, conducted formal interviews with pupils and staff, examined samples of pupil's work, reviewed exam results, attendance registers and policies and procedures, surveyed parents, pupils and staff, attended assemblies and visited co-curricular sessions.

Previous to this latest inspection, a Compliance Inspection was carried out by the ISI in January 2017. The inspection report concerns itself with compliance issues only and so is a scrutiny of our ability to meet the many regulations which apply to a school. To read and download the report, please click here. In 2011, the school was inspected, by the ISI. The full inspection report gives a clear judgement on each area of the school and can be viewed and downloaded here.

The school aims to encourage effort, resilience and rigour in pupils is fully met within an atmosphere of support and calm. Throughout the school, pupils have an excellent attitude towards their learning, towards each other and towards their teachers. Academic attainment is in advance of that expected at the relevant levels of age and stage of development.