Pastoral Care

Nothing is more important than the care given to children

Our attentive staff are committed to developing strong relationships with all of the children in their care, based on trust, honesty and mutual respect.  Dedicated to ensuring pastoral care is outstanding at every level, form teachers create a supportive, considerate and nurturing environment within each form that gives girls and boys the confidence to be themselves.  As first point of contact for parents, form teachers encourage openness during form time and play a central role in the happiness and welfare of the children in their care. 

In addition to this, the overall pastoral care of the children is overseen by our Deputy Head Pastoral (Mr Adam Mallins), along with Head of Years:

  • Head of Pre-Prep (Mrs Janey McDowell)
  • Head of Years 3 and 4 (Mr John Ireland)
  • Head of Years 5 and 6 (Mr Tom Goodhew)
  • Head of Years 7 and 8 (Mrs Stewart)
  • Nurse Sue is our School Nurse. She is supported by a number of trained First Aiders.

Wellbeing Award for Schools

This is a national award which Crosfields is working towards. It is based on key performance indicators against which the school must provide evidence of their achievements in Wellbeing. Over the next 2 years we will be put through a rigorous and challenging process, however the benefits will have positive impacts on the whole school community.

A Talking School

We aim to be a ‘talking school’. What this actually means is that we are not afraid to talk to each other about ourselves and that there is always someone to listen. The Senior School has numerous layers of pastoral care including a tutor for 20 students (maximum), pastoral Heads, a medical team, and access to trained counsellors either by appointment or in drop-in clinics. We also encourage students to talk to each other, with older pupils taking on roles such as peer mentors and wellbeing ambassadors.

We also have a culture of talking about positive wellbeing and what it means through regular assemblies, tutor programmes, form activities and external speakers. By raising the profile of wellbeing and getting people talking about a whole host of issues, students here are able to express themselves more confidently and they are comfortable in asking for help when needed.

Getting It Right

We understand that we might not be able to solve all the problems that we might be presented with, especially in the field of Mental Health. Although many of our staff are trained, and more are continuing to be trained as Mental Health First Aiders, sometimes the best course of action is to simply listen and then signpost our students towards the right help. We work very closely with our fantastic counselling team who are available by appointment or via drop-in sessions and our new Medical Centre Team will be on hand throughout the school week. We also work closely with specific organisations and charities to ensure we are accessing the right people for each of our students.

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