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Delightful Declamation Evening

Senior children who were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a recent 'Winter Writing Competition' were invited to read their stories to their family and friends in a Declamation Evening in Acorns Hall. 

Selected children in Years 7 and 8 joined the readers with their winter poetry compositions.  Family and friends heard some imaginative stories, including how Father Christmas had a stowaway in his sack and the unwitting child turned into an elf, stories which involved arctic foxes or squirrels trying to survive winter, as well as pixies who lived in a Christmas pudding and needed to find a new home after theirs had burned down!  The audience also heard moving World War One themed poetry from Year 8.  It was a wonderful evening which celebrated writing, story-telling, imagination and inspiration!

Declamations evening

Buzzing with Creativity

Children in Year 7 enjoyed a ‘buzzy’ day in the Art Department recently (excuse the pun!) as they took inspiration from the insect world and got to grips with aluminium modelling wire. 

The girls and boys created superb sculptures of insects using just wire and metal tape, with the help and supervision from visiting artist and friend of Crosfields, Darcy Turner.  Using a variety of visual sources and their imaginations, the girls and boys first developed their ideas by sketching insects.  They then started bending, looping and manipulating the wire to realise their intentions and created superb bug sculptures.  

"It's not as easy as it looks!" exclaimed one pupil, while another commented that "It was one of the best days, Darcy really helped me to make my drawing come to life."

Year 7 Art day 1 Year 7 Art day 2

Making Time to Talk

Across the school, teachers and pupils have been discussing the importance of mental health following on from Children's Mental Health Week.

A subject that is never far from the curriculum at Crosfields, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Mr. Mallins held two collects to introduce and explain the concepts of Time to Talk and Inside Out day to the children, highlighting that you can't always see what's going on with a person from the outside.  Both children and staff ensured that they took time out from their busy schedules to simply talk, walk or run together.  Meanwhile, the classes and playground were awash with colour as blazers, jackets, skirts and trousers were turned inside out, raising awareness of a very important topic. 


Time to Talk Seniors

Picking Up Sticks

The art room was buzzing with energy recently as the Year 6 children split into teams and tackled chair making. 

Using just newspaper, regular visitor to Crosfields, artist Darcy Turner, brought his amazing newspaper-rolling machines which turned the newspaper into sticks by tightly rolling the sheets together.  Sealing the edges with glue, the children enjoyed the challenge of producing plenty of sticks for their team mates to construct their chairs. 

At the end of the session, the girls and boys had produced chairs that were sturdy and strong enough to sit on, whilst at the same time, they developed their construction, problem solving and team working skills.  All triumphed with innovative and surprisingly very stable chairs!    

Stixx 2                                              Stixx 1 

Senior Girls Flourish

Sport is a big part of life at Crosfields and for many of our pupils, games lessons will be one of several highlights of their week. 

This year, we are incredibly lucky to have a large cohort of girls in Years 7 and 8 who enjoy sports, are enthusiastic, keen to learn and progress.  The girls had a recent opportunity to play relaxed netball fixtures against Leighton Park School, at Crosfields, on the new artificial turf pitch.  The matches were spread across the width of the pitch, giving Head of Girls Games Mrs. Seward and Games teacher Mrs. Bennett plenty of opportunity to observe, umpire and coach all of the girls. 

Their gameplay was committed, with each girl showing real tenacity and a determination to win.  It was a positive afternoon of sport that showcased the progress each team has made this term, with an added bonus of victory for the 4th and 5th teams.   

Senior girls netball

Tackling Rugby with London Scottish

Boys in Years 7 and 8 were fortunate to have an expert Rugby coaching session with four coaches and players from London Scottish RFC recently. 

Across the width of the Crosfields rugby pitches, the coaches could be seen sharing their vast knowledge and demonstrating skills.  First team players Elliot Creed and Miles Wakeling, former Scottish Sevens Coach and Club Commercial Manager, Carson Russell, as well as Community Development Officer Ross Peacock focused on aspects of defence in games-based practices in an afternoon which all children really enjoyed and benefited from. 

London Scottish rugby 1

Seniors Rock Out

Girls and boys in Year 8 travelled up to the West End in London recently to watch the musical, School of Rock at the Gillian Lynn Theatre. 

Boarding the coach in the afternoon, there was much excitement and anticipation for the Senior trip to the capital city.  When they arrived at the Theatre, the children took their seats for the highly acclaimed show which includes a cast of several children, many of which are the same age as the Crosfields Year 8 cohort.

The girls and boys had an absolutely incredible time, with much laughter, lots of clapping, foot-tapping and singing along.  It was an inspirational afternoon that the children were pleased to have attended, especially as the show will be closing in the West End in March. 

School of Rock 2

Right Honourable Seniors!

Girls and boys in Year 7 were immersed in the world of politics recently as they took a trip to the Houses of Parliament in London as part of their PSHE topic on democracy. 

A busy and insightful day, the girls and boys were taken on a tour of the Parliament buildings, and even got to take a seat on the famous green benches.  What’s more, they learned how Parliament has developed over the centuries into its current modern form, how a bill becomes a law and about ‘Parliament Ping Pong’ through an interesting workshop on laws and debating.  Wearing the appropriate attire for the occasion, the children adopted the roles of MP’s and took part in a debate on a topic of their choice, even using the language that we hear so often on the television or radio. 

It was a thought-provoking day that led one child to comment, “I could not believe the importance of the rooms I stood in.  I am proud of my Nation and the United Kingdom.”

Year 7 Parliament

Awe-Inspiring Autumn Concert

It's been a busy time for musical performances at Crosfields recently, and the Autumn Concert certainly warmed up a cold and chilly evening.    

Following on from the Barnardos Young Supporters concert and the beautiful solos at the Crosfields Act of Remembrance, the Autumn Concert was the first opportunity for family and friends to hear what the children have been rehearsing during the first few months of term.  The Orchestra played majestically, which was followed by the cinematic strings.  Soloists were sprinkled throughout the concert, with performances from children playing the cello, three separate pianists and one tenor horn. 

The Crosfields Chamber Choir breathed new life into classic songs.  The cello group soared, the piano duet magnificent and the youthful Year 5 Band were original and fresh.  Musical Theatre gave the audience a fitting finale, full of exuberance and fun. 

Autumn Concert

Yippee for the Young Supporters Concert

22 girls and boys from Crosfields were fortunate to have the opportunity of a lifetime recently as they got to sing at the Young Supporters Concert on behalf of children's charity Barnardo's at the Royal Albert Hall in London.   

Barnardo’s is a fantastic charity that puts young people at the heart of all their good work and it was therefore encouraging to see 1200 children from 32 schools collaborating through singing, dancing and playing to produce such an outstanding and entertaining concert to raise funds for the children's charity. 

The pupils spent the first half of the Autumn term learning and rehearsing the different parts for the massed choir performances of 14 songs at the concert.  This was quite an achievement and they should feel rightfully proud of their contribution which saw them sing The Bare Necessities amongst other classics.  

It is on nights like this that memories are made; performing at such a prestigious venue and being the 'star' leaves us all wanting more.

Barnados concert

Crosfields Remembers

On Armistice Day, children from all year groups gathered in the Quad to remember those soldiers that fought and died in battle.

Girls and boys from the Nursery through to the Senior School stood together quietly and listened to Headmaster Mr. Watson’s words of remembrance, before Year 6 pupil Madeleine respectfully played the Last Post on her Tenor Horn.  Madeleine played from music that had been written out by her Grandfather many years ago who was an esteemed brass band conductor that regularly played the Last Post.  In addition, Year 7 pupil Stephanie played I Vow Thee to My Country on her violin which brought the service to a poignant close.

Remembrance 2

Having Tea and Talking About TV

Following an amazing selection of sandwiches, children in the Senior School were treated to a large slice of caramel chocolate brownie before sitting down to listen to guest speaker, television producer, Louisa Pond-Jones recently.   

Ms. Pond-Jones, who was introduced to the children by Year 8 pupil Johane, spoke passionately about how she became qualified to start her career in television and her first experiences as a runner, to how she progressed and became a producer on shows such as I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Big Brother and Shipwrecked, to name but a few.  The presentation considered the many fun aspects of the work, such as live broadcasting, planning shows and the tough challenges faced when under pressure, to the more down-to-earth trials of working in television and the perks of meeting celebrities!  Eshaan then closed the presentation and thanked Ms. Pond-Jones for visiting Crosfields. 

Tea and Talk 

Some of the children commented afterwards about how much they enjoyed the talk.  "Louisa didn't talk down to us, and it was a brilliant and informal introduction to working in television" said Priyanka, and Luc said, "I could not believe all the various roles involved in TV producing!"

Hanging Out at Cosmo's

Children in the Senior School took some welcome time out from their busy schedules to spend the evening at the popular Cosmo Restuarant in Reading town centre recently. 

The 'all you can eat world buffet' catered for the girls and boys very well indeed; the children sampled the enormous range of foods that they have on offer, with many trying out cuisines that they had never had before.  "The sweet and sour chicken was my favourite, and I had pizza and chips too!" said one pupil.  "I ate so much that I didn't want any breakfast the next day!" said another.  The sweet buffet was definitely a favourite with its chocolate fountain, marshmallows, ice cream and jelly selection, to name but a few of the goodies that were on offer.  "We had such a good time, it was really nice to spend time with all of our friends outside of school, and it meant that everyone could come."  Well said! 


Getting Up Close with Creepy Creatures

Regular visitor to Crosfields, Luke Quirk, with his menagerie of animals and creatures were welcomed back to school recently for Year 2 animal roadshow.  

Acorns Hall was buzzing with excitement and squeals as Mr. Slimy the African Land Snail, Sid the Hissing Cockroach, Legs the Tarrantula and Jaffa the Corn Snake to name but a few types of creature were presented to girls and boys in Year 2.  Luke explained to the children how all animals could be classified into different groups, which helped Year 2 consolidate their learning of their science topic on animals. 

Quirks Animal Roadshow

When Splat the Treefrog decided to take a long jump off Luke Quirk's hand, the children were delighted!  Two creatures of a more familiar variety, Sven the Rabbit and Pearl the Chicken were firm favourites, with ALL the children wanting to stroke them!   


Reception Get Hands On

Children in Reception took a wonderful trip to the The Look Out Discovery Centre in Bracknell recently. 

With its hands on science exhibits, the children freely explored all that the centre had to offer including the indoor stream, the insect enclosure and the colourful light show.  In fact, the children were so interested in the light show that the presenter commented on how good their behaviour had been!  The excitement of having a packed lunch to eat and a ride on a coach topped the day off nicely.   

Reception look out low res

Added to this, was the excitement of having a packed lunch to eat and a ride on a coach.  

Brick-Tastic Time at Legoland

Children in Year 1 arrived at Legoland for their planned day trip recently… and it was most certainly worth the wait that they'd had following a period of inclement weather.   

The rain stayed away and the children had a wonderful time exploring the park.  From the moment the coach turned into the Legoland driveway, the children (and adults) were filled with excitement and gasps of delight echoed around the coach.  The girls and boys managed to visit each zone of the park as it was a quiet day, as well as spending a lot of time in Miniland identifying all the global landmarks and different countries.  It really was a fun day out that even included a visit to the new spooky Haunted House ride.  

It was an exciting day which meant that there were many tired and sleepy children (and some adults!) on the coach back to school.  A memorable day was had by all!

Year 1 Legoland

Nursery Rhyme Hunting

Girls and boys in the Nursery were thrilled recently when they had a visit from the Freshwater Theatre Company, who came in for a fun morning of Nursery Rhyme themed activities. 

Working together using their senses, the children found clues to missing Nursery Rhymes.  They had special binoculars to help look, an extra sensitive nose to help with the smells, feeling gloves for touching and a great big set of ears to help them hear!

At the end of the session, the girls and boys found several clues that lead them to Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy Spider, 1,2,3,4,5, and five little ducks.’  Once they had found each clue they sang the nursery rhymes through together and took the clues all back to big bird.  It was an imaginative and enjoyable session that really encouraged the children to work together.   

Nursery rhyme hunt

Rowing Their Way to Success

The Crosfields' School Rowing Club were very lucky to welcome current GB Rower Matthew Tarrant to school recently to coach one of their sessions.

Matthew is a world rowing champion who competed at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, and he is now set to head to Tokyo next year for the 2020 Games. 

Rowing 1

New to the Senior Co-Curricular timetable this term, the Crosfields Rowing Club enjoys the use of six Concept2 indoor rowing machines and the children, who are all in Year 7 and 8 train once a week.  Matthew talked the rowers through the fundamentals of the rowing stroke and gave each one specific development points. 

They all listened keenly to Matthew's training regime which on Thursday included a 90-minute weights session, 16k on the river and 12k on the rowing machine! (2000m doesn't sound too bad now, does it?!)


Seniors Make Their Mark

Children in the Senior School took to the Polling Station (a.k.a Mrs. Gillow's classroom) recently to cast their votes and participate in the annual UK Youth Parliament's 'Make Your Mark' campaign. 

The children voted in their droves for a range of issues that they would like to see debated in the House of Commons, and after the polling station closed, the results were submitted to the British Youth Council for counting.  The national results are not available until November, however, here at Crosfields, protection of the environment and putting an end to knife crime received an overwhelming number of responses.  The children then voted on a range of local issues, where taking care of our local environment topped the poll, followed by homelessness and child poverty. 

Head of PSHE, Mrs. Gillow commented, "Each year I am both humbled and proud of what our young people speak up about. The local issues that were raised by the pupils were varied, with many really thoughtful statements.  I am privileged to see how much young people care about very grown up issues in every lesson. We do need to listen (as well as hear) their voices."

Well done Senior School for Making your Mark!

Make Your Mark

Having a Ball in Hockey

The Year 6 girls and the Crosfields Hockey Squad were incredibly fortunate recently to have a visit from Team GB Hockey player Shona McCallin who came into school to run their hockey lesson.  

McCallin, who currently plays hockey for Great Britain, was part of the Olympic team who won the gold medal in Rio in 2016. She gave the girls an opportunity to train like a professional hockey player by setting up several drills to encourage them to pass and move into space, at the same time reminding them to keep their heads up so they could see!

Shona McCallin 1

McCallin ended the session with small-sided games to put what she had taught the girls into practice.  It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn from one of the top athletes in the country, and what’s more, Shona had brought in a signed hockey ball plus one of the skirts she wore whilst out in Rio to award to two of the girls for their hard work and enthusiasm during the session.

Shona McCallin 2

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