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Crosfields Crafters Create Magic

Four pupils from Crosfields travelled to UTC in December to compete in the Rotary Club Technology Tournament, a local competition arranged for children aged 11-16.

Designed to challenge the children’s knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Crosfields entered Year 8 pupils Monty, Yasmyn and Torsten along with team captain, Tom, to compete against other schools in the Reading area. The brief was to create a small model crane on wheels, which then had to lift a magnetic drum, as well as produce a written portfolio showing their ideas and plans. They came up with a team name, discussed ideas, and, for a while, struggled to join everything together. “I felt slightly intimidated by the older, more experienced children,” explained Yasmyn, “and I thought we’d never get there.” However, by applying their knowledge from DT, maths and physics lessons, they started bringing their ideas to life and ‘Hermione Crane-ger’ was born!  “I wanted the name to be funny and to have a pun in it” proudly exclaimed Monty. “Plus, we all like Harry Potter!”

DT Comp crane

A few hours into the tournament and the Creative Crosfields Crafters were ahead of schedule and feeling quietly confident with their crane.  Then, disaster struck.  The crane didn’t fit on to its track, and to the team’s horror, some parts of the crane came away. Not one to be beaten, Tom set about making the necessary repairs and Hermione was ready to go again, much to everyone’s relief.  With the written work completed by lunchtime, the team then discussed ways in which they could make their crane better, before it was ‘judgement time’. 

DT Comp judging
The Crafters’ demonstration of their work to the judges went perfectly and the team was feeling quietly confident, having made a quick assessment of the other teams in the room. After a grueling 30 minute wait for the results, and to their sheer delight, the Crosfields Crafters won the contest and were awarded certificates from the Mayor of Reading.  Well done Team Crosfields!

DT Comp mayor

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