A Terrific Day Out At The Tate

A Terrific Day Out At The Tate

12 Apr 2019

Thirty Senior School children with a keen interest in the arts went to the Tate Britain recently for a full day of art activities and adventure. 

They explored art from the 1500s to art in the present day, and investigated how art themes and movements have changed and developed over time.  As well as admiring the more traditional works, they explored abstract and modern styles looking at how artists develop work based on their thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  We then explored the extensive and captivating Turner exhibition.  They investigated how Turner painted light and perspective to create remote and thrilling landscapes clearly depicting man’s insignificance in the sheer scale and power of nature.  The day ended with the children taking part in a fun workshop led by working artists which helped them to form their own opinions and develop their own ideas.

Senior art trip

There was lots of positive feedback from the children on the day, too.  Marie commented, "I really liked seeing the difference between pictures from the 1500s to the modern day. It’s changed so much!" and Hajrah said, "Seeing the contrast between Turner and Constable was fascinating. I loved Turner because of his ability to paint light and the fairy-tale colours he used."  Alexia said, "I loved Turner’s skill at painting light over a landscape.  Oh, and the detail in the tree!"

Senior art trip 2