Adventure at PGL

Adventure at PGL

21 May 2019

Year 2 headed off on their one-night residential trip to outdoor activity centre, PGL, in Liddington, Wiltshire recently and what a fabulous time they had!

Upon arrival, the Crosfields group was met by their two group leaders, Scarlett and Sophie, who promptly showed the children to their rooms and the wait was finally over as to who was going to be room mates!  The afternoon consisted of two activities, one of which involved abseiling down a 30ft tower.  This was followed by a healthy and hearty dinner and time to chat with friends.  An evening of singing and dancing round the campfire, before bedtime, made a great end to the first day.

Year 2 residential PGL

The next day was an early start as many children were awake by 6am!  Then it was time to pack, stuff sleeping bags into bags (a feat in itself for an adult, let alone a 6 year old!), strip the beds and move bags to a holding area.  Breakfast gave children the chance to refuel their bodies for a morning of activities which included archery and swinging high through the air on a giant swing before having a hot lunch and boarding the coach back to school.  The children were amazing and all demonstrated great determination, independence and teamwork.  They had a huge amount of fun and made lasting memories.

Year 2 PGL