An Amazing Week of Science!

An Amazing Week of Science!

15 Mar 2021

A return to live teaching in the science labs coincided with British Science Week to make for a brilliant week of engaging and practical lessons for Senior School pupils in Years 7 and 8 recently.

Pupils in Year 8 studying cellular respiration were able to take a close look at a heart in a practical session that consolidated their understanding of how the lungs work to carry out gaseous exchange, and how the heart functions to pump blood, containing oxygen and glucose, to every living cell.  Those that wanted to were able to hold and study the heart before teacher of science, Mr. Murray-Smith, cut it open to show the pupils its four chambers and valves.  "It was really good to have a visual understanding of what we've been learning about," remarked one pupil.   

Meanwhile pupils in Year 7 enjoyed a fiery demonstration of the chemistry of combustion.  The 'hands-on' methane bubbles experiment consolidated their lockdown learning of the periodic table and how the elements that make up our existence have different physical and chemical properties. 

Year 8 heart dissection Science Week