Awe-Inspiring Autumn Concert

Awe-Inspiring Autumn Concert

20 Nov 2019

It's been a busy time for musical performances at Crosfields recently, and the Autumn Concert certainly warmed up a cold and chilly evening.    

Following on from the Barnardos Young Supporters concert and the beautiful solos at the Crosfields Act of Remembrance, the Autumn Concert was the first opportunity for family and friends to hear what the children have been rehearsing during the first few months of term.  The Orchestra played majestically, which was followed by the cinematic strings.  Soloists were sprinkled throughout the concert, with performances from children playing the cello, three separate pianists and one tenor horn. 

The Crosfields Chamber Choir breathed new life into classic songs.  The cello group soared, the piano duet magnificent and the youthful Year 5 Band were original and fresh.  Musical Theatre gave the audience a fitting finale, full of exuberance and fun. 

Autumn Concert