Back to School with a Bang!

Back to School with a Bang!

17 Sep 2019

The Autumn term started with great gusto and children around the school have had a busy yet exciting introduction to September at Crosfields. 

Settling in to their classrooms and joining friends old and new, girls and boys have taken to their routines very well indeed.  Children in Year 7 have been wearing their new Senior school uniform with pride, mentioning to their teachers that they now feel a lot more 'grown up'.  Staff and parents throughout the school have also commented on how smart the children look in their new uniform, and Games this week showcased the new sports kit with its striking combination of black, white and raspberry that looked strong against the green of the pitches.

Girls hockey

Girls and boys in Year 7 had an exciting STEM session which focused on engineering and bridge building with a visiting specialist from Architecture Workshops.  Figuring out how to create the structure of the Millenium Bridge using geometric shapes, it was a getting-to-know-you session for many children, as well as a great way to encourage team building.  Learning is fun at Crosfields! 

Sticks challenge