Brick-Tastic Time at Legoland

Brick-Tastic Time at Legoland

24 Oct 2019

Children in Year 1 arrived at Legoland for their planned day trip recently… and it was most certainly worth the wait that they'd had following a period of inclement weather.   

The rain stayed away and the children had a wonderful time exploring the park.  From the moment the coach turned into the Legoland driveway, the children (and adults) were filled with excitement and gasps of delight echoed around the coach.  The girls and boys managed to visit each zone of the park as it was a quiet day, as well as spending a lot of time in Miniland identifying all the global landmarks and different countries.  It really was a fun day out that even included a visit to the new spooky Haunted House ride.  

It was an exciting day which meant that there were many tired and sleepy children (and some adults!) on the coach back to school.  A memorable day was had by all!

Year 1 Legoland