Experimenting with Science

Experimenting with Science

08 Oct 2019

Last week, four children from Year 5 competed against other schools in the Prep Schools Science Challenge, hosted by Bradfield College. 

The girls and boys took part in a series of tasks based on each of the sciences, before the day ended with demonstrations that showcased science in action.  Lotte particularly enjoyed the Physics challenge, and exclaimed, "Making the loud speaker was great, particularly because ours was the loudest!"  Ishaan had fun with the Chemistry, telling us, "I enjoyed the Chemistry task as it had a little bit of risk involved; I was practicing keeping the chemicals in the test tube."  

Bradfield Science Challenge

All the children agreed that looking at maggots under a microscope for the Biology task was a little stomach churning, however the exploding gas balloon demonstration impressed them all.  A good afternoon of Science was had by all!