Getting Up Close with Creepy Creatures

Getting Up Close with Creepy Creatures

31 Oct 2019

Regular visitor to Crosfields, Luke Quirk, with his menagerie of animals and creatures were welcomed back to school recently for Year 2 animal roadshow.  

Acorns Hall was buzzing with excitement and squeals as Mr. Slimy the African Land Snail, Sid the Hissing Cockroach, Legs the Tarrantula and Jaffa the Corn Snake to name but a few types of creature were presented to girls and boys in Year 2.  Luke explained to the children how all animals could be classified into different groups, which helped Year 2 consolidate their learning of their science topic on animals. 

Quirks Animal Roadshow

When Splat the Treefrog decided to take a long jump off Luke Quirk's hand, the children were delighted!  Two creatures of a more familiar variety, Sven the Rabbit and Pearl the Chicken were firm favourites, with ALL the children wanting to stroke them!