Jacaranda Trust Update

Jacaranda Trust Update

13 Mar 2019

Following the carol service collection at Wellington College back in December, Crosfields was delighted recently to have received a letter of thanks from The Michael Project in Zimbabwe.

As parents and long-time supporters of Crosfields will know, Crosfields has worked with charitable organisation, the Jacaranda Trust, for nearly two years now.  As recipients of our donation, the Trust helps to support many different projects across Africa, distributing money raised to projects which help children at risk.  The Michael Project, based in Harare, Zimbabwe, gave our donation of £362 to the Shalom Children's Home.  Shalom is presently home to 19 orphaned children; 10 boys and 9 girls aged between 11 months and 16 years.  The children live in three family units and enjoy life going to school, playing with friends and working in the garden. 

The Home were pleased to inform us that they used the money to improve their security by installing burglar bars, as well as purchasing materials for a chicken run.  There was also some remaining funds which will be chanelled towards internet subscriptions once their computer room is set up, and the construction of a laundry room.

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