Maths Challenge Success!

Maths Challenge Success!

10 Apr 2019

This term the Middle School celebrated results from Bonus Round, the final leg of the Primary Maths Challenge run by the Mathematics Association. 

The international competition started back in November, and Crosfields was among 1,600 schools and 67,000 pupils that took part to enjoy maths challenges.  Five pupils from Crosfields then received invitations for the Bonus Round.  The children worked on this in February, along with 2,300 pupils that were also selected to take part, and these children were not only from the UK, but also from America, China, Singapore, Japan, India, Italy and Russia, among other countries around the globe.

When the competition closed, we were informed that two of the children had got through to the final 1,000 participants and were selected for special awards.  Congratulations go to all the children for working hard and taking part in this competition, but special congratulations go to the children that won the bronze and silver awards.  

Maths Challenge certificates