Reception Get Creative

Reception Get Creative

19 Sep 2019
early years

Girls and boys in Reception have been enjoying settling into their new environment as the Autumn term has got well and truly underway at Crosfields. 

During these important first few weeks, the children have been making new friends and building language and social skills as they took part in a carousel of creative activities recently that included colour mixing, water play, junk modelling and role play. 

Giving children space to explore their own interests is a key part of life at Crosfields where the education is broad ranging.  During this fun session, the girls and boys made up stories for their role play and junk modelling, feeding babies and making spaceships. Splashing around in the water area, the children investigated mathematical concepts through pouring, emptying and filling water pots.  They also discovered how materials join and which colours could be made by mixing paints. 

It was a stimulating afternoon that really fired the children’s imaginations and helped them discover more within our Early Years setting.