Right Honourable Seniors!

Right Honourable Seniors!

18 Dec 2019
senior enrichment

Girls and boys in Year 7 were immersed in the world of politics recently as they took a trip to the Houses of Parliament in London as part of their PSHE topic on democracy. 

A busy and insightful day, the girls and boys were taken on a tour of the Parliament buildings, and even got to take a seat on the famous green benches.  What’s more, they learned how Parliament has developed over the centuries into its current modern form, how a bill becomes a law and about ‘Parliament Ping Pong’ through an interesting workshop on laws and debating.  Wearing the appropriate attire for the occasion, the children adopted the roles of MP’s and took part in a debate on a topic of their choice, even using the language that we hear so often on the television or radio. 

It was a thought-provoking day that led one child to comment, “I could not believe the importance of the rooms I stood in.  I am proud of my Nation and the United Kingdom.”

Year 7 Parliament