Senior Children Return to Crosfields

Senior Children Return to Crosfields

06 Jul 2020

This week saw the successful, phased return of children in Years 7 and 8 into school.

It was a wonderful moment for Crosfields leaders and teaching staff who felt as though their jigsaw puzzle was complete. The Senior pupils follow on from those in all other, lower year groups who have also successfully returned to school over the last two weeks. Staff have worked tirelessly to map out pathways, areas and signage around the school to ensure that the children are kept separate and within their pods. Additional toilet facilities have been brought onto the site and the school's catering provider, Thomas Franks, has been providing lunches in recycled paper bags to each pod.

It is thanks to these tremendous efforts and the spacious learning areas and outdoor spaces that pupils at Crosfields can benefit from, that the leadership team have been able to manage all year groups being in school at any one time.

Senior Return Crosfields