Staying Connected with 3 Good Things

Staying Connected with 3 Good Things

20 May 2020

During Children's Mental Health Week, teachers at Crosfields spent time with pupils talking about the notion of 3 Good Things.

In a world where it is easy to focus on negativity and take the good things in our lives for granted, the children were encouraged to think about three positive events that had happened during that week; three things that had gone well for them or things that they had enjoyed doing. They then wrote them up and posted all of their good things to a noticeboard in the Dining Hall.

Then, at the beginning of lockdown, Crosfields felt that there was no better time to continue championing 3 Good Things and set about launching a fresh campaign via its social media platforms to encourage pupils and staff to send in examples of things they were grateful for during this difficult period. The response from all areas of the school was huge, and it was astounding to see just how much positivity the Crosfields community had found and wanted to share with others.

From clapping for the NHS, to spending more time outside, baking and discovering new games, the 3 Good Things were sent in in abundance with many photos and videos, too, and over the ensuing weeks and months, Crosfields had shared over 150 good things with its online community!

It was a truly wonderful celebration of togetherness and how communities can stay connected under the most challenging of circumstances.

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