Super STEM

Super STEM

16 Jul 2019

This half term, girls and boys in Year 4 completed a Science Crest Award during their Science lessons which culminated in a STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) Fair, judged by Head of Science, Mr. Andrew Mant. 

Year 4 Science Day

The main aim was to enhance the children’s understanding of investigative work in Science.  The children spent the day off curriculum, completing the STEM Fair and carrying out an independent investigation of floating objects.  They then tested their 'crafts' at the end of the day in the swimming pool, seeing if they had been able to make them float.

Year 4 Science Day 2 

The children in Year 4 also completed their Rhyme and Reason presentations recently, which were then put on display in Acorns Hall.  A colourful array of topics were presented to adults and children in other year groups by the children in Year 4, who demonstrated their hard work, enthusiasm and knowledge of their chosen subjects.  

Year 4 R and R 1