Uncovering a Career

Uncovering a Career

09 Mar 2020
enrichment senior

Having enjoyed a super selection of sandwiches and cookies in a delicious afternoon tea, children in the Senior School gathered in Acorns Hall to listen to guest speaker and archaeologist, Donna DeGroene from Reading University.

As part of their development, Year 8 pupils formally introduce and thank visiting speakers at the Senior Tea and Talk sessions, and on this occasion Marie confidently introduced Ms DeGroene to the group. Ms DeGroene talked to the pupils about her career, outlining the educational requirements of her profession, and some of the more interesting things she has uncovered as an archaeologist. The children listened intently and were keen to examine some of the materials that Ms DeGroene brought with her to show them. "She was clearly very passionate about her choice of career," one pupil commented.

At the end of the talk, the children had the opportunity to ask questions, allowing them to gain further understanding of what's involved in a career in archaeology, then Year 8 pupil Eshaan closed the session, with Lottie presenting Ms DeGroene with a gift.

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