Year 8 Go Outdoors

Year 8 Go Outdoors

01 Oct 2019

Girls and boys in Year 8 had a wet but rewarding day at the Amersham Field Centre recently as part of their study of rivers and their place in the beautiful Chilterns landscape.  

Working together in teams, the children put on their wellies and waterproofs and waded out into the river to study the processes of erosion and transportation.  "We measured the velocity, river width and depth and pebble size - also known as bedload", said one pupil, while another explained, "We collected a lot of data for our Common Entrance field work study which was really interesting as well as being a lot of fun; we haven't been on a practical geography assignment before, and most of us had never actually waded into a river before, either!"

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The rain at the end of the day made little difference to the children as they were already wet from standing in the river, "At one point, the river depth suddenly increased where it meandered round, and the water just filled our wellies!" exclaimed the girls when they returned to school.  "And we dropped our clipboards in the water!" 

Despite it being a damp day, it ended on a high with much giggling over who had the soggiest socks.  Head of Geography, Mr. Clark commented, "It was a great day!  The children were well behaved and enthusiastic, and the trip gave them the opportunity to put into context the theory that they have learned over the last few weeks."