Yippee for the Young Supporters Concert

Yippee for the Young Supporters Concert

18 Nov 2019

22 girls and boys from Crosfields were fortunate to have the opportunity of a lifetime recently as they got to sing at the Young Supporters Concert on behalf of children's charity Barnardo's at the Royal Albert Hall in London.   

Barnardo’s is a fantastic charity that puts young people at the heart of all their good work and it was therefore encouraging to see 1200 children from 32 schools collaborating through singing, dancing and playing to produce such an outstanding and entertaining concert to raise funds for the children's charity. 

The pupils spent the first half of the Autumn term learning and rehearsing the different parts for the massed choir performances of 14 songs at the concert.  This was quite an achievement and they should feel rightfully proud of their contribution which saw them sing The Bare Necessities amongst other classics.  

It is on nights like this that memories are made; performing at such a prestigious venue and being the 'star' leaves us all wanting more.

Barnados concert