Senior School

Senior School Assessment & Engagement

Friday 19th March 2021

Assessments, for children currently in Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8, will be held on Friday 19th March 2021. We hope that these assessments will take place in school however if Covid-19 restrictions remain in place, we will operate these remotely.  Please contact our Registrar for more details () or complete the form below.

At Crosfields, we believe in developing the ‘whole’ child and therefore our assessment for entry will look beyond just the academic ability of children.  As well the academic assessment, we will assess how your child may contribute to school life and their ability to engage with peers and staff.

The three stages of assessment are:
  1. Entrance Tests – Your child will be asked to complete an online assessment. The assessment is not about knowledge recall and therefore no preparation for the test is required. It gives all pupils the opportunity to show their underlying ability.
  2. Engagement – Within a small group, of staff and other children, your child will be asked questions about their interests and aspirations as well as current affairs. They will be asked to bring something they are proud of, they should be prepared to answer questions on their subject/item.
  3. School Reference – Subject to your consent, we will contact your child’s current school for a reference.

To enter your child for the assessment, please complete the form below.