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Co-educational independent day preparatory school for children aged 3-16 years


Our Vision


The modern workplace is a hugely diverse environment. At Crosfields we believe that there are positive benefits in educating children in an environment that promotes acceptance and respect regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, culture and religious beliefs. We are convinced that boys and girls positively benefit, both academically and socially, from being educated together.


Students will be stretched and supported academically. All will be given the opportunity to excel, whatever their ability. We have been incredibly successful, and have a strong track record in preparing them for a range of schools, even the most academically demanding. At Crosfields, all children will be taught imaginatively, thoroughly and broadly.


Feedback from the parental survey confirmed that small classes are important. We fully support this and will continue to offer small classes.


At Crosfields we encourage children to experiment and to challenge themselves. The importance of an effective Co-curricular programme at secondary level cannot be underestimated. Not only is there growing evidence that it has a positive impact on academic progress, but also the soft skills (communication, responsibility, flexibility and integrity) which it promotes is recognised as being important towards success at post-secondary level education and in the work place environment.

Co-curricular will enrich a pupil, both during and after school life. An effective programme will provide the necessary balance between emotional, academic and social development for a young adult.


The recent parental survey confirmed what every parent knows; happy children make good progress both academically and socially. Pastoral care has been a particular strength of Crosfields and we will continue to emphasise the importance of happiness and well-being in our Senior School. We recognise the need to evolve, to reflect the needs of teenage children with the additional challenges and pressures presented by today’s social media and public examinations.

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