Autumn Term Review: English Department - Crosfields School


Autumn Term Review: English Department

The English department at Crosfields School is proud to share the exciting activities and achievements that took place during the Autumn Term.

Year 5 pupils embarked on a spellbinding adventure to Harry Potter World, where they were enthralled by the props, costumes, and behind-the-scenes secrets of the magical world of Harry Potter. They participated in a virtual broomstick experience and were mesmerized by the wonders of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. The trip not only sparked their creativity but also enhanced their descriptive and emotive vocabulary, leaving them with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for literature.

In Year 6, pupils immersed themselves in the captivating novel Skellig and explored the poetry of the esteemed William Blake. Through these literary works, their descriptive abilities were further developed, allowing them to express their thoughts and emotions through words. The profound impact of these experiences has led many pupils to express their interest in joining the poetry club in the upcoming New Year.

The English department is proud to announce that three exceptional pupils – Juliette, Matthew, and Satvika – have been selected for the second round of the prestigious BBC 500 words competition. This recognition highlights the talent and dedication of our pupils, and we eagerly await their success in the next stages of the competition. Additionally, many pupils have enthusiastically participated in this year’s ISA poetry contest titled ‘I hope.’ The contest will run until the end of January, and we are excited to receive outstanding entries from our pupils.

Year 3 and 4 pupils had a delightful experience with their class texts, and were treated to a special visit from renowned author Holly Webb. They were thrilled to listen to her read stories, igniting their passion for literature. Year 4 pupils immersed themselves in the enchanting tale of ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ which they later recited as part of their performance poetry unit. Even the Pre-Prep pupils were not left out, as they participated in the Holly Webb visit and created captivating museums based on their favourite animals.

The Autumn Term in the English department has been rich in literary exploration, creative expression, and exciting experiences. Our dedicated teachers and enthusiastic pupils have come together to create an atmosphere of learning and love for literature. Read more about our Junior School here.

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