Community outreach is vital to Crosfields.


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Why do we value Community Outreach at Crosfields?

It allows our pupils to take on new responsibilities and develop leadership skills.

Pupils can further their education outside of the classroom by actively helping in the community.

Children feel proud to be part of a positive change and enjoy the satisfaction of making a difference, no matter how big or small.

We understand the importance of educating pupils to see the 'bigger picture' and encourage them to think of others.
Charity Coordinator

How do we get involved in Community Outreach?

We have plenty of opportunities for pupils to get involved in community outreach activities, including:

  • School-wide fundraising and charitable initiatives led by pupils
  • House charity events
  • The opportunity for children to raise money for a charity close to their hearts
  • Volunteering in local community projects



What events and activities do we hold for Charity?

When it comes to charity events, we’re up for everything and anything. We believe that the sky’s the limit, and our pupils have certainly proved that!

From cutting their hair to climbing mountains, giving up their birthday money to running, swimming, and cycling, our pupils have blown us away with their generosity and kindness in their charity initiatives.

We’re incredibly proud of the charity initiatives run by pupils at our school.

20 pupils supported with Bursaries
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