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Synagogue, mosque, and gurdwara trip provides an insight into places of worship

One of the ways that Crosfields School embraces diversity is through our Religious Studies programme. We see the importance of religious education from both an academic and personal development perspective. By learning about different religious beliefs and practices, our students are able to develop their own attitudes to faith, whilst also gaining an understanding and respect for those whose attitudes don’t match their own.

The Religious Studies syllabus (WJEC EDUQAS) covers a range of major world religions and ethical themes. Recently, our Year 8 students had the opportunity to visit three local places of worship: a synagogue, a mosque, and a gurdwara. This gave the students valuable insight into the practices of three religions – Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism – to enhance their understanding based on what they are learning in the classroom.

Mrs Satty Gill, Head of Religious Studies shared “Religious Studies is a living, breathing subject and it is vital for students to see beliefs in action. By visiting local places of worship, we can remove the barriers of prejudice and discrimination in our community and instil a sense of belonging with one another. There are always more similarities than differences when we dive a little bit deeper into each other’s lives. This trip has brought to life what the students have been learning in the classroom and it will also encourage them to share their own opinions and beliefs in a positive and collaborative way”.

On a individual level, religious education inspires students to cultivate their own identity and sense of belonging. It provides vital space for spiritual development, allowing students to understand themselves better as both individuals, and as members of a diverse global society.

Mr Baldev Sian, a committee member at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Reading gave a fantastic insight into the Sikh religion and why Gurdwaras are an important part of the community. He said “It is important for students to learn about the diversity in this country. Because hatred is caused due to fear, and fear comes from not knowing. So why don’t we teach the children more about our religion and how we are part of the society. I hope with this exposure, they will understand us better and build better relationships.”

Year 8 student, Filo, said “It is important for everyone to visit a place of worship because it shows you how other people and how other religious people worship their god or goddess and breaks down stereotypes.” Fellow Year 8 students described their trip to the mosque, the synagogue and the gurdwara as ‘insightful, ‘educational’ and ‘fascinating. You can hear more about their experience in the first episode of our new podcast, PSHE & Me! To listen to ‘Episode 1 – Can visiting local places of worship break down stereotypes?

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