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Year 6 Pupil Triumphs at the ISA STEAM Competition 2024 with Ingenious Egg Drop Design

In an inspiring display of innovation and creativity, Year 6 pupil, Jamie secured first place in the 2024 ISA STEAM Competition, outshining competitors with a brilliantly straightforward yet effective solution to the Egg Drop challenge. This annual competition encourages pupils from ISA Member schools to delve into modern-day problems, nurturing vital skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

The Challenge: The Egg Drop

Participants were tasked with designing a mechanism to protect an egg from cracking when dropped from a height of two metres or more. The aim was not only to prevent the egg from breaking but also to demonstrate an understanding of physics, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Jamie’s Winning Entry

Rejecting the complexity of parachutes for their delayed deployment, Jamie opted for a design centered on readily available materials like straw, paper plates, and cotton wool, showcasing ingenuity and a preference for simplicity.

Mrs Patel, Curriculum Lead Science (Juniors) and Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) commented, “Jamie has a genuine passion for Science and STEM challenges and sought to utilise everyday materials to demonstrate that one can engage in STEM challenges from a very young age. All Year 5 and 6 pupils participated in this challenge and displayed a great deal of effort, innovation, and enthusiasm in their design presentations. It has been a wonderful experience for all, and we are so proud of Jamie’s achievements.”

Watch Jamie’s design and explanation in action: Egg Drop Video and read the details of his winning project here.

Congratulations to Jamie on this well-deserved victory! Your ingenuity is a reminder to us all that the most effective solutions often come wrapped in simplicity and resourcefulness.


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