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Why Choose Crosfields Seniors?

A modern award-winning new building houses Crosfields Seniors, where we provide a varied academic programme, complemented by 90 co-curricular activities.

We know that this stage of your child’s academic journey is crucial for their future success and requires a careful combination of support, challenge and opportunity.

All pupils at Crosfields School follow the ASPIRE learning profile to help guide them through the challenges of learning and embrace it with the resilience required to tackle real-world problems.

Pupils have commented that they feel like they are in the Headquarters of Cool.
Mr Adam Mallins, Deputy Head Pastoral

Encouraging, supporting and challenging

In Seniors, we provide countless opportunities for all our pupils to enhance the skills and experiences they have garnered throughout their pivotal primary years.

We are proud of the achievements of our pupils and help every child to discover their strengths. Throughout the senior years, we work in partnership with you to nurture our pupils and feel privileged to play a role in enabling them to grow into young people who are well equipped to play productive roles in society.

Thoroughly, imaginatively and broadly

We encourage pupils, helping them to excel across all subjects and enabling them to gain the qualifications they need to move on to the next step.

Our highly qualified team of specialist teachers stretch and support our pupils throughout their senior years, from Year 7 through to the key GCSE Years 10 and 11. We are proud of our strong track record of preparing pupils for some of the most academically demanding curricula, ensuring the perfect formula for academic excellence.

Making informed choices

As pupils embark on their senior education, their options broaden. They begin to have the chance to make informed choices about expanding their subject choices and selecting options to complement the core curriculum.

Thriving in a modern and inspiring environment, Crosfields offers exceptional facilities. Housed in our modern, architect-designed main building, which is flooded with light, we offer a plethora of benefits to inspire concentration and motivation.

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The senior Library provides a large space for class and private study. Stocked with a wide variety of resources, our Librarian is on hand to advise what to choose next.

Facilities surround the main Performance Space, where school events are held and where the school gather to celebrate achievements and meet for Collect (what we call Assembly). Our Drama pupils, and all our other pupils who want to take part, can perform in our purpose-built Theatre. Sounds and tunes from a whole range of instruments can be heard throughout the day, emanating from the Crosfields Music rooms, next door.

Senior pupils have access to our well equipped Art and Pottery studios, CAD lab, Technology workshops and computer suites – all ready for your child to develop new skills.

Developing and nurturing a healthy mind, body and outlook

The café style dining in ‘The Hatch’ recognises that older children have different tastes when it comes to school dinners. Our pupils were involved in creating the inspirational artwork around the walls and the banquet seating adds to the overall vibe, helping pupils to relax and refuel at key points in the day.

Breakfast is available to enjoy from 07:30. We appreciate that parents and carers have busy days ahead, so you can be assured that your children are having a great start to the day, whilst you can get on with yours.

There are 40 acres here for pupils to explore, offering the chance to breathe in fresh air, to help relax and rejuvenate between lessons.

Crosfields Sports Centre – boasts:

A 25m swimming pool, sport hall, strength and conditioning suite, dance studio and much more….

Sport is an integral part of life at Crosfields and a vast range of opportunities await your child here, both within the main school day and beyond. Discover our Co-curricular opportunities.

Encouraging a broad and varied outlook, we offer a range of residential trips which complement the curriculum and broaden the pupils’ life experiences. The annual year group trip is included in our fees.

Last year our pupils experienced trips to Outward Bound, experiencing the Lake District,  Morocco as part of the World Challenge, Biarritz for a yoga and wellbeing residential trip and a music tour to Jersey.

In 2023 our pupils can look forward to:

  • A dedicated Arts and Model United Nations trip to New York
  • Seville for Year 7 students
  • Ski trip to Italy
  • Berlin
  • Iceland
New D&T Suite

Focusing on the individual as part of the team, we provide support for every pupil, helping them with study skills. Aiding informed choices, which play to their strengths when selecting optional subjects.

Trained counsellors are on hand, visiting the school twice a week.

At the heart of the school is The Hub, where our SENCOs provide specific and dedicated help for pupils with specific educational needs and disabilities.

Your child’s education is our priority and we work in partnership with you throughout their senior years.

We continually observe, test and assess our pupils throughout the school year, enabling us to make sure they are reaching key milestones and to identify any issues. Tutors are on hand to answer any concerns you might have. We provide regular updates on individual progress and invite parents and guardians to discuss this at parents’ evenings.

What’s next? – help to choose the right Sixth Form

In Years 10 and 11 we will talk to each pupil about their aspirations and help them to identify their Sixth Form choices. This is an exciting time but can also be daunting. We are here to provide advice and guidance.

Pupils in these year groups are pioneers, as Crosfields moves towards full capacity to aged 16. We have created links with respected schools and colleges to help our pupils make the next step that’s right for each individual.


We give priority to our current pupils moving up to Seniors but very much welcome children from other schools and those families moving here from abroad. Crosfields pupils speak over 40 different languages, demonstrating the diversity here.

Don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to come and see Crosfields in action.

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40 Languages Spoken
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