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Demonstrating our commitment to providing opportunities to extend your learning our curriculum enrichment opportunities are included in our fees.

Pupils can choose from a range of options which provide challenges and opportunities to investigate areas of interest, enhancing learning and expanding the school experience at Crosfields.

We are agile enough to be able to react to cohorts we have in the school. Other subjects such as Latin or Creative iMedia would be offered if there was enough interest.
Mr Richard Ebbage, Deputy Head Academic (Seniors)

We offer:

The Higher Project Qualification (HPQ)

Our HPQ offers an exciting opportunity for Year 9 pupils to develop skills in independent learning, take responsibility for their own learning and develop new life skills by studying a topic of their choice. Pupils have the chance to research a topic of their choice and develop their findings to produce a written report, artefact, or production.

This opportunity is open to all Year 9 pupils, proving the chance to work towards this optional qualification, outside of normal school hours.

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Metacognition: Learning to Learn (VESPA)

The tutoring programme at Crosfields Seniors is based on the VESPA (Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice, Attitude) model, which was developed by Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin and is designed to be at the heart of non-cognitive development.

The VESPA system develops five key skills:

Vision: know what you want to achieve
Effort: know how to study independently, inside and outside of school
Systems: know how to organise time and learning resources
Practice: spend time developing skills
Attitude: respond constructively to challenges and feedback

The VESPA programme highlights an important observation: that character is just as important as intelligence when it comes to academic success.

Our VESPA sessions are designed to encourage pupils to improve their approach to learning — ultimately helping them to achieve their potential.

Supporting pupil success

  • In Year 9, pupils have careers profiling before GCSE options are decided.
  • In Year 10, pupils take part in work experience.
  • In Year 11, a careers fair gives pupils the opportunity to engage with a range of industries.

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