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Specialist Subjects

A broader educational experience at Crosfields

From the moment that your child joins us, we nurture their curiosity and help them to develop a thirst for learning.

This begins in Nursery and builds as children progress through the school and develop mentally and physically, in our care.

Encouraging creativity, imagination and analytical skills

We’re devoted to delivering a wide range of options within the curriculum, so every child is stretched and challenged and can identify and build on their strengths to gain in confidence.

Specialist subjects delivered by experts

Our subject specialist teachers empower every child to reach their full potential. Here’s a flavour of what Crosfields can offer your child:


Developing skills in performance/public speaking, exploring the lives of others to gain empathy, working as part of a team – we offer classes, workshops and the chance to take part in shows (front or backstage).

Music - composing and performing

Tapping into creativity and building confidence with fun, practical instruction in the classroom. We also offer private tuition with over 300 individual music lessons, in school every week, there’s something for everyone to try!

Visual Arts

Digital & Traditional – encouraging creativity and self-expression. Every year children’s artwork is displayed in our Art Expedition, providing a showcase for the wide variety of styles and techniques explored by children in their classes (in our specialist Art Studio in the Senior School).

Physical Education (PE) & Sport

Utilising our extensive facilities in the Crosfields Sports Centre and on our outdoor Astroturf and pitches. We encourage friendly competition and sportsmanship. Building team spirit within the curriculum and beyond. At Crosfields we regularly host competitive sports events (where Parents can spectate) and visit other Schools to play matches. Get a flavour of exciting sports-related day trips.

Langauges (MFL)

We encourage children to develop a genuine interest and positive curiosity in languages, providing a wider world perspective.

Outdoor learning

Fresh air and fun, nurturing problem-solving skills, confidence, and independence together with an appreciation of the natural environment.

Computer Science

Building skills for life. Digital literacy is at the heart of modern life and educational delivery. We recognise that confidence built at this stage creates advantages for future

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