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Sustainability at Crosfields

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and have committed to:

  • Educating our pupils about the impact of our day-to-day activities on the environment in Geography, Science, PSHE and Forest School. Encouraging our pupils to raise new ideas and initiatives through our Eco Councils.
  • Making positive choices through procurement of services and operations and partnering with organisations that take their sustainable responsibilities seriously.
  • Sourcing goods and services locally where possible and reducing the number of delivery days to help reduce emissions.
  • Reducing our energy consumption year on year, by adopting more energy efficient practices and using cleaner energy sources where possible.
  • Minimising the waste that goes to landfill and maximising all recycling, biodegradable and compostable opportunities.
  • Promoting sustainable methods of travel to school to pupils, parents and staff – walking, cycling, public transport, electric vehicle charging on site and our own school transport routes.
  • Using a sustainable school uniform supplier, and also encouraging the recycling of old school uniforms through our second hand school uniform shop.
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