Junior School

Pupil Wellbeing

We provide a nurturing and supportive environment which encourages boys and girls to become confident and happy individuals. 

Exceptional Pastoral Care

We recognise that outstanding pastoral care is critical to your child feeling safe and happy at school. Boys and girls throughout the school are supported by an excellent team of staff who speak to children as individuals and develop relationships based on respect and trust. The Junior School very much contributes to the whole school's wellbeing aims and ambitions, which can be found by clicking here.


Throughout the school day

During curriculum time, children in the younger years share thoughts, ideas and concerns in their circle time and older pupils discuss important issues in their PSHE lessons. Pupils are taught in small classes, typically no more than 20, giving every child an opportunity to contribute. Throughout the school day, pupils are supported by specialist teaching and support staff - there is always someone available to listen, help and guide. 

Our latest ISI Inspection report reported that:

  1. The quality of the pupils' personal development is Excellent
  2. Pupils display a genuine concern and respect for others, in this inclusive and caring community
  3. Pupils throughout the school show excellent confidence and self-awareness
  4. Pupils feel safe at school
  5. Pupils mature and develop well emotionally as a result of being part of a close-knit community which is united by common characteristics and values of respect and tolerance
  6. The pupils' growth in confidence and self-worth is successfully nurtured by the school 
  7. Pupils develop resilience and perseverance, encouraged by teachers and coaches