Senior School


Fundamental to personal development, co-curricular carries great importance for pupils throughout the school.

Breadth of opportunity

Students have the opportunity to join peers for co-curricular sessions, many of which are included in fees.  These sessions are either held within the school day, embedded in to the timetable, or after school.  From Year 7, sessions include physical, mental and holistic challenges that contribute to personal development, self-confidence and the education of the whole child.

Ready for a challenge

An important ethos of the co-curricular, especially in Years 7 and 8, is to try something new. Our co-curricular programme gives students an opportunity to 'dip their toe in' different areas before developing and refining their passion as they move through to Year 9.  As students progress in Year 9, the focus switches to refining their skills, challenging themselves in a given area and 'growing' from their experiences.

Co-Curricular at Crosfields

  1. A vast breadth of sessions offered, many of which are included in fees
  2. From Year 9, Duke of Edinburgh, Model United Nations (MUN), European Youth Parliament
  3. Cross-Curricular sessions; sports, the creative arts, academic, personal development
  4. Encourages pupils to try new things and develop passions
  5. Sessions within the school day and embedded in the timetable
  6. Opportunity to remain at school until 6pm