Senior School

Curriculum Enrichment

Our pupils will benefit from Curriculum Extension opportunities that will ensure they are best placed to develop broader skills such as independence, problem solving, decision making, public speaking and many more.

Higher Project Qualification (HPQ)

This will be offered in Year 9 and is a stand-alone research-based qualification. Students pick a topic area and then go about researching the area to produce a ‘product’ in the form of an extended piece of writing or something physically built or performed. The HPQ fosters critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, synthesising information, critical research and reflection. This will be optional and occur outside of lesson time.

Arkwright Scholarship

Students excelling in the engineering fields (DT or Computing) will be guided through applying to the Arkwright Scholarship offered by The Smallpiece Trust. This is available to Year 11 pupils and those successful after the rigorous selection process (involving an application, exam and an interview at a university department) are offered mentoring from companies such as Rolls-Royce, GCHQ and Siemens and well as a financial bursary for them and their school in 6th form.

Metacognition: Learning to Learn (VESPA)

The academic side of the tutoring programme in the Senior School will be based upon the VESPA (Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice, Attitude) model. This was developed by Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin and is described as: “VESPA draws together current thinking from psychology, business and sport to inspire, motivate and support students ensuring they achieve their full potential. It aims to cut through the noise surrounding character development to discover common behaviours and characteristics that all students need to be successful.”

Alongside being guided through study skills such as the Cornell note taking method and revision techniques, Crosfields pupils will be provided with strong academic foundations.



  1. In Year 9, students will have careers profiling before GCSE options are decided
  2. In Year 10, students will take part in work experience
  3. In Year 11, a careers fair will give students an opportunity to engage with a range of industries