Senior School

Pupil Leadership & Responsibilities

There are many ways in which students are given leadership responsibility in our Senior School.


In the Senior School, students are awarded a prefect role in one of many areas. These include, sports, drama, music, Junior School, library, Houses, plus many more. Qualities of a prefect are good leadership skills, empathy, integrity, humility, resilience and setting a good example to others. Selected pupils must be a great ambassador in their given area, promote positivity, be helpful and give support to teaching staff and peers. 



Our senior students frequently spend time with children in younger year groups to share their knowledge and skills. This could be assisting in mathematics, reading a story or helping in creative work.  Mentorships are mutually beneficial for both older and younger pupils. The older children particularly enjoy this responsibility, being an inspiration to the younger years. It increases their self-confidence and develops a greater level of independence. The younger ones learn so much from working with the older students and really enjoy the time they spend together. 

Opportunities for Additional Responsibilities

  1. Assisting teaching staff with their specialist subject
  2. Becoming a Prefect
  3. Planning and organising events
  4. Taking an assembly for all year groups
  5. Being a mentor to younger years
  6. Welcoming visitors to the school and showing families around