Senior School

Pupil Wellbeing

The wellbeing of students is our highest priority.

Navigating the Modern World

Being a teenager has always been tricky; As parents, we all remember some of the ups and downs of our own childhoods. However, having to navigate the teenage years in the 21st century is arguably proving to be a more complex and diverse journey. The advent of the digital age, social media and technology advances means that the wellbeing of students has never been as important as it is today. We therefore have to be at the forefront in understanding modern pressures and as a result we have invested in a pastoral care programme, creating a wide range of strategies and activities which are specifically designed to help students to develop their physical, mental and social wellbeing. Of course, we also understand that staff and parents need support too, so our pastoral care programme includes the whole community. We do not pledge to be able to solve all of the problems, but if we can listen, talk, support and find the right help when we need to, then our teenagers have every chance of achieving happiness, fulfilment and success.

The Pastoral Triangle

It is important to us that we involve the whole school community in our quest for positive wellbeing. We strongly believe that when students, parents and teachers talk to one another it creates a ‘Pastoral Triangle’, encouraging effective monitoring, and enabling us to respond to any issues that may affect a pupil’s development. Regular communications are sent home to parents regarding physical and mental health and our ‘Food for Thought’ programme allows parents to explore a number of topics through talks and discussions over a bite to eat here at Crosfields.

Regular assemblies, tutor programmes and form activities raise the profile of wellbeing and promote positivity, allowing pupils to express themselves more confidently and feel comfortable in asking for help when needed.

Pastoral Care at the Heart of our Senior School

  1. We are a 'talking school' which has numerous layers of pastoral care, including a tutor for 20 pupils, pastoral Heads, a medical team, and access to trained counsellors.
  2. Older pupils take on peer mentoring and wellbeing ambassador roles.
  3. Crosfields is working towards the Wellbeing Award for Schools - a national award based on key performance indicators, against which the school must provide evidence of their achievements in Wellbeing.
  4. A weekly programme of talks, clinics and therapies will be available to all students.
  5. We allow students to explore a variety of guidance to improve their wellbeing and mental health. Sessions offer everything from Yoga, to mindfulness, to Art therapy and emotions coaching.
  6. During the academic year, pupils can attend wellbeing days, our Wellbeing Festival, and our themed weeks, all of which raise awareness of key discussion points such as bullying, staying safe online and mental health.