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Our Senior School is making history! In 2021, our first Year 9 students will continue through to GCSE.  We have an incredible staff of specialist teachers who are already academically stretching and supporting children to Year 8.  This combined with our strong track record of preparing students for some of the most academically demanding curriculums is the perfect formula for academic excellence.   All students will be given the opportunity to excel, whatever their ability, they will be given an unrivalled breadth of opportunity and exceptional pastoral care.  Be prepared for Crosfields Senior School to inspire.

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We believe in the positive benefits of educating girls and boys together.

Crosfields promotes acceptance and respect regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, culture and religious beliefs. The aim of any great school is to prepare its pupils for the world beyond the classroom and in that world men and women, from different cultures, work and study together. Educating boys and girls together in their formative years ensures that they have an excellent foundation for the future. During classroom discussion and debate, pupils are encouraged to express their views and to explore and understand the viewpoints of others.

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An effective co-curricular programme

At Crosfields we encourage children to experiment and to challenge themselves. The importance of an effective co-curricular programme at secondary level cannot be underestimated. Not only is there growing evidence that it has a positive impact on academic progress, but also the soft skills (communication, responsibility, flexibility and integrity) which it promotes are recognised as being important towards success at post-secondary level education and in the work place environment.

Co-curricular will enrich a pupil, both during and after school life. An effective programme will provide the necessary balance between emotional, academic and social development for a young adult.

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Happiness and wellbeing of our pupils

Happy children make good progress both academically and socially. Pastoral care has been a particular strength of Crosfields and we will continue to emphasise the importance of happiness and wellbeing in our Senior School. We recognise the need to evolve, to reflect the needs of teenage pupils with the additional challenges and pressures presented by today’s social media and public examinations.

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Optimum learning environments

Small classes are incredibly important to us. We believe that by keeping the class sizes small, to 20 or less, each student is able to thrive as an individual. 

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Senior School

  • Caroline Townshend to join Crosfields School as new Head

    Caroline Townshend to join Crosfields School as new Head

    Following a rigorous recruitment process the Board of Governors is pleased to announce that, from April 2023, Caroline Townshend will…

  • Maths Week at Crosfields

    Maths Week at Crosfields

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    Crosfields Remembers

    Pupils across the Junior School and Senior School joined together in a poignant ceremony on Remembrance Day to remember those…


Crosfields is a successful independent day school, offering exceptional opportunity to girls and boys. In 2018 we announced that we were extending the age range of the school to 16; an extension of three years from Years 9 to 11.We have been delighted with the positive response to this news, with pupil numbers exceeding any in the school’s history. Not only have our current families embraced our vision, but we have attracted a significant number of new families, too.  The 100 pupils we currently have in Years 7 and 8 will be the first Senior year groups to go through to GCSE.  


At Crosfields we believe that there are positive benefits in educating children in an environment that promotes acceptance and respect regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, culture and religious beliefs. We are convinced that boys and girls positively benefit, both academically and socially, from being educated together. Our school is culturally rich and diverse, not dissimilar to the modern workplace.