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Inspection Reports

The Department for Education directs ISI to conduct routine inspections of schools typically every three years. A new framework was introduced in September 2024 which judges schools as meeting or not meeting set criteria. Schools are no longer graded as ‘excellent’, ‘good’ and so on.

Crosfields was most recently inspected by the ISI in March 2024 and was judged as meeting all statutory Independent School Standards in each of the five sections:
1: Leadership and management, and governance
2: Pupils’ education, training, and recreation
3: Pupils’ physical and mental health and emotional well-being
4: Pupils’ social and economic well-being and contribution to society
5: Safeguarding

A full copy of the latest report can be accessed here. See our previous reports on the ISI website.




Key extracts from

Crosfields latest ISI report

A whole-school approach to all aspects of school life builds a sense of community with shared understanding and respect between pupils of different ages.
ISI Report 2024
The curriculum is carefully planned, well resourced and engages learners.
ISI Report 2024
The strong relationships and mutual understanding between pupils and staff promote openness. Pupils value this supportive approach.
ISI Report 2024
Leaders provide opportunities for pupils to take on positions of responsibility.
ISI Report 2024
Pupils know how to stay safe online through the PSHE and information and communication technology (ICT) programmes of study.
ISI Report 2024
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