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Food is at the heart of school life

Physical wellbeing is an important aspect of life at Crosfields and supports the various sports and co-curricular activities.

Our team of dedicated chefs prepare weekly menus to help deliver a variety of balanced options. We work with Thomas Franks who focuses on providing nourishing food for children.

All lunches and snacks are included as part of the tuition fee payment. To embrace our diverse community we offer menus from around the world to excite taste buds and make lunch a little more interesting and on key calendar dates, such as St. Patrick’s Day we offer themed options.

As pupils progress to Seniors, there is greater flexibility of choice, empowering them to choose between a hot and cold food options.

Great food

The Junior Dining Hall and The Hatch in Seniors offer social spaces for pupils to catch up, reflect on the day’s activities and prepare for the afternoon ahead.

In addition to lunches, there is the option for parents to pay for Breakfast which includes fruits, cereals, and a hot option. This starts at £4.50 per day and gives you the opportunity to drop off your child and start your day.

Weekly Food Menus & After School Provision

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