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Pastoral Care

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Children develop at different levels and shine in different areas

Our experienced team understand that your child needs to be nurtured and encouraged to find their passions, develop their talents and master areas which they find more challenging.

At Crosfields, we encourage creativity & critical thinking skills.

We’re committed to empowering every individual

Core subjects are complemented by a wide range of creative, practical and analytical lessons taught by dedicated subject specialists.

54% bilingual

Our mission is to support every child, to achieve their full potential in every subject

Our classrooms are positive, encouraging environments. Pupils are praised for their commitment to learning.

At Crosfields, we recognise that having a diverse student body adds value to our community.

Children with English as an Additional Language are supported on a one-to-one basis, in school and are provided with a specialist teacher to help them integrate into life at Crosfields.


We take a whole school approach to special educational needs and disabilities (SEND Support)

Each child is supported to make the most of the excellent academic and co-curricular opportunities on offer and empowered to achieve to the fullest.

Support for those who learn differently is offered through The Hub, situated at the heart of the school, housing our dedicated Junior and Senior SENCOs, as well as a team of specialist teachers and teaching assistants.

If concerns are raised about a child, we follow a graduated response with support offered first and foremost in the form of adapted teaching within mainstream lessons.

If your child needs more specialist intervention, a range of small groups are on offer.

Practical and caring – our collaborative approach…

At all stages, collaboration between The Hub team, class teachers, pastoral staff and parents lies at the heart of our approach. We encourage prospective parents to discuss their child’s needs with us at the earliest opportunity. Please mention this when you get in touch, and we can advise how we can help your child to achieve their potential at Crosfields.

Cognitive Assessments are included in our fees

At Crosfields we are able to undertake various cognitive assessments to better inform our support and these, as well as the interventions themselves, are included in our fees.

From time to time, we may recommend that parents seek further assessment by a suitably qualified external professional, which can incur extra cost.

Exam access arrangements for GCSE are also coordinated by The Hub staff and any relevant information gathering and assessments for these are carried out in house.

Our approach is child-centered with the 'voice' of our children being at the heart of everything we do.
Mr T Goodhew, Deputy Head Pastoral (Juniors)
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