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Enriching Minds, Building Futures: Explore Crosfields School’s Co-curricular Programme

At Crosfields School, we are incredibly proud of our comprehensive co-curricular programme, a foundation of our enriched teaching approach, designed to inspire, engage and cultivate well-rounded individuals. Our co-curricular programme is more than just extracurricular activities; it is a pathway to discovering one’s self and shaping character, contributing significantly to the sphere of holistic education and personal development.

From Gymnastics and Lego Club in Pre-Prep, MTech and Thinktank in Juniors, to LAMDA and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Seniors we offer over 90 different co-curricular activities all aimed at unlocking a world of potential within our pupils. Our programme is a harmonious blend of activities led by our enthusiastic team of teachers and key external providers, thus ensuring a diverse and quality-driven choice on offer.

Whether your child is an aspiring dramatist, a gifted musician, or simply partial to trying out new experiences, our co-curricular activities provide the ideal setting. From Drama clubs and school shows to individual music lessons – with more than 300 sessions taking place each week – we provide a platform for every child to shine and realise their talents.

The primary aim of our co-curricular programme is firmly anchored in encouraging our pupils to embrace new learning experiences and seamlessly shape their academic journey to reflect their individual passions. Each activity strengthens them with specific skills moulding them into confident and socially responsible young individuals.

At Crosfields, we firmly believe that these activities contribute immensely towards improved mental wellbeing, enhanced academic performance and facilitate personal growth. The programme allows our pupils to develop an appreciation for their talents and abilities, thereby enriching their Crosfields experience in every aspect.

For more about our co-curricular programmes visit: www.crosfields.com/co-curricular.

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