Parents attend a Phonics and Reading Meeting at Crosfields School - Crosfields School


Parents attend a Phonics and Reading Meeting at Crosfields School

Parents of children in Nursery and Reception were invited to attend a reading meeting during which the teachers shared valuable information and advice on how parents can effectively support their child’s early reading development. This meeting served as a crucial step towards an inclusive and holistic approach to learning to read.

Home-School Collaboration – At Crosfields, we invite parents to be active participants in their children’s educational journey. During this meeting, teachers were able to familiarise parents with techniques that are used in school which can significantly improve their child’s learning experience. By understanding the methods teachers use to develop reading skills in children, parents can provide more substantial support at home, boosting their child’s confidence and aptitude.

Making Learning Enjoyable – A crucial aspect that was emphasised during the meeting was to make reading a fun activity, as recent studies show that reading for pleasure makes a huge difference to children’s attitude towards learning to read themselves. We want to ensure that all children develop a love of books and reading, starting from a young age.

Our top tips for parents:

  • Make reading interactive by asking questions before, during, and after the reading session. This stimulates children’s thinking and enhances their comprehension skills.
  • Use wordless reading books. This is a great tool for literacy development as they engage children, regardless of reading level, in prediction, critical thinking, comprehension and storytelling.
  • Parents and children are encouraged to read stories in their home language. Bilingualism is an asset, and the home language has a continuing and significant role in identity, learning and the acquisition of additional languages.
  • Show your children that you also enjoy reading. This not only inspires them to read more but also creates an atmosphere of shared interests.

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