Pupils Master Techniques to Energise the Mind Before Examinations - Crosfields School


Crosfields School Pupils Master Techniques to Energise the Mind Before Examinations

Crosfields School, known for its emphasis on pupil wellbeing and health was honoured to host Miss Olivia Booker, Nutritionist at Thomas Franks. As our Senior pupils gear up for the mock exam season, Miss Booker delivered an insightful talk on how they can fuel their brains effectively to maximize their performance. She said, “’At Thomas Franks, we are passionate about providing fresh and nutritious food. As part of my role as a nutritionist, I help pupils understand the importance of food for school and beyond. This is particularly relevant during exams, and it was inspiring to see so many of the pupils at Crosfields take on board this message as they begin their exam preparation.”

The interactive session detailed several key topics that included:

  • Choosing snacks that can effectively fuel the body
  • Strategies to power the neurons
  • Understanding how food choices impact learning capabilities
  • Shared facts on nutrition
  • The impact between food, stress, and the body
  • The importance of protein in every meal
  • Rethinking the role of fats in diet
  • Choline-rich foods and their link to memory
  • The necessity of incorporating antioxidants in the diet
  • Importance of staying hydrated
  • The significance of engaging in enjoyable activities

Following the talk, Miss Booker was available at break time, offering pupils an opportunity to seek further information and guidance. In keeping in sync with the theme of her talk, the customary break time snack was switched to a health-packed yogurt bar. The bar featured a selection of fresh fruit, granola, and various seeds for pupils to choose from.

At Crosfields, we have always prioritised the wellbeing of our pupils, a sentiment that goes beyond just academic accomplishments. To emphasise the balance between academic and physical fitness, our weekly schedule of games on Tuesday and Thursday remains unchanged. We believe that an active body promotes an active mind, essential for academic success.

Pupils discussed how they often hear about eating right, and it was really helpful to understand exactly how our diet affects our brains, especially during exams. The understanding that even minor changes, such as healthier snack choices, could significantly affect stress management and memory enhancement has inspired many to adjust their diets, focusing on the addition of more proteins and antioxidants for improved wellbeing and academic performance.

The opportunity to hear from a professional nutritionist and have open dialogues about the importance of a balanced diet gave pupils an insight into their eating habits. We will continue to provide valuable resources and opportunities like this to ensure our pupils maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle alongside their studies.

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